I’ve spent the morning immersing myself in the subject of VC pitches following a discussion I had yesterday with the founder of an Aussie startup based in our Melbourne office. The founder is in the process of raising money and debating the importance of creativity/design over business model/viability in his deck.

We spoke briefly about this and reached a general consensus: the traditional method of distributing a static PDF presentation had potentially become outdated. Considering the multitude of presentations that pass the eyes of investors,  startups must pitch their business using eye-catching visuals, clever design and succinct information to forge memorable experiences for the investor.

Recently we’ve seen a new wave of cutting edge format for pitch decks that are hosted online using single page portfolio design themes. This format is not only dynamic and engaging, it creates a truly remarkable viewing experience for the user (investor).

We scoured the net for our pick of the top 5 pitch decks and presentations that are hosted online right now, take a look:

1. Everest

Number one is of course, Everest the epic app
that helps you live your dreams and achieve personal goals.

Here is their pitch deck:  http://evr.st/investors

2. Speak Easy

The easiest way to find, host, pay and get paid for events.
Getspeakyeasy.com allows you to search for house parties, loft parties, and a
community of people who love to create and attend unique events.

Here is their pitch deck: http://investors.getspeakeasy.com/

3. CSS Piffle

CSS Piffle is a web application for designing web UIs or mobile apps.
It is kind of photoshop that generates html and css.

Here is their pitch deck: http://pitch.csspiffle.com

4. Piccsy

An image bookmarking and discovery platform.

Here is their pitch deck: http://piccsy.com/investors/

5. Dress Rush

The Wedding version of group buying conglomerate, Gilt. Basically a hub for bridezillas.

Here is their pitch deck: http://investors.dressrush.com/

And if you are looking for a trip down memory lane, check out Foursquare’s original pitch deck via Business Insider 

- Sam Batsas

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Sam Batsas is the Digital Marketing Manager of Beacon New Ventures, a new model marketing & venture capital partner currently expanding its footprint in the Asia Pacific region. With an office based in Singapore and another in Melbourne Australia, the business has a broad client portfolio both local and abroad across various categories.