Today we are looking at five handy digital metrics that will provide valuable insights on user engagement for your start up.


One. Time Spent per Page

Take a closer look at this metric… Have a think about your pages with the highest time spent… Is it logical for someone to spend that amount of time on that page? If not, consider making your content  more accessible and easier to navigate.

Two. Retweets

Retweets, favourites, comments and shares are a great way to measure your social presence and audience engagement. Tracking these will help you to understand your audience. Are the majority male or female? Where are they from? Use this information to increase your engagement with tailored social media posts to your audience.

Three. Unfollows and Defriends

Tracking users who have unfollowed or defriended your account will help paint a picture of who has taken your audience and why they stopped following you. Use this information to improve your social media posts for your current audience!

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Four. Seven-Day and 30-Day Active Users

Monitor when your regular users are revisiting, and what they are looking at….. You could potentially discover that you have regular users visiting on certain days of the week or month.

Five. User Exit Page

Start watching what pages your users (visiting at least two pages) are exiting from. Consider altering any page that has 5% or more of the total exits, or try suggesting related page to visit to extend the time spent on your site.

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