Ever wondered how to get an edge over your competitors? Many experts view leadership as the difference between good and great. Sticking to one rigid style of leadership does not suit today’s fast paced environment. Leaders need to be more adaptable to a variety of situations that arise. But when do you change your leadership style, and what style should you be using? Today we look at six leadership styles that will help your business adapt to different situations.

1. The Pace-Setting Leader

This leadership style reflects ‘do as i do’, they are role models and expect the team to follow their autonomy and high standards. This style is best used when there are time constraints around a skilled and motivated team.

2. The Authoritative Leader

Emphasises a ‘come with me’ approach, aiming to create a common vision for the team. This style can used in situations where the team needs a re-vamped purpose or goal, or when guidance is not specifically needed.


3. The Affiliative Leader

Can be captured in the phase ‘people come first’, focusing on creating a feeling of belonging amongst members. This style is best used in times of high pressure or stress, or in times when the team is lacking trust.

4. The Coaching Leader

This style can be summed up by ‘try this’, it aims to develop team members for the future. This softer approach to leadership should be used to improve team members skills to benefit the business.


5. The Coercive Leader

Reflects ‘do what I tell you’ in the form of compliance leadership. This harder approach, is useful when there are time constraints, or during crisis when decisions need to be forced onto members with no collaboration. This style is best used as a last resort……

6. The Democratic Leader

This leadership style reflects the phrase ‘what do you think?’, by building consensus through collaboration. This style is best suited to a situation that requires team members commitment, or when new ideas are needed.

leadership_successSo rather than using a rigid top-down approach, try and be more responsive, and inspire your leaders be more adaptive as well! Research has shown that leadership styles are responsible for a whopping 30% of the company’s bottom-line. It is time to start looking at the best style of leadership for the situation that your business finds itself in today.

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