In this hilarious and short (only 5 minutes) video, Dave McClure (founding partner of 500 Startups) presents his signature “AARRR” concept on startup metrics.

This is hands-down one of the wittiest yet informative vids I have seen to date on marketing metrics and was voted no. 1 to watch on Quora. Nothing gets me more excited than short bursts of useful and practical information. AARRR! Take a look…

More Info on AARRR:

“AARRR” is about how to develop a model of your customer behavior, and then use conversion metrics / web analytics to assist your internet marketing & product management efforts.

The basic concept is based on 5 types of measurements of user behavior:

  • A: Acquisition - where / what channels do users come from?
  • A: Activation - what % have a “happy” initial experience?
  • R: Retention - do they come back & re-visit over time?
  • R: Referral - do they like it enough to tell their friends?
  • R: Revenue - can you monetize any of this behavior?

source: 500 Startups

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