Ever wanted to know how make the most of your startup’s marketing budget? Today we are looking at ways to create big ideas that reach and engage customers without blowing your startup’s budget. One. Use Your Customer Base Having a small budget does not mean you need to scale down your marketing. Using your customer.. read more →

Today we are looking at five handy digital metrics that will provide valuable insights on user engagement for your start up. One. Time Spent per Page Take a closer look at this metric… Have a think about your pages with the highest time spent… Is it logical for someone to spend that amount of time.. read more →

So you have a fantastic business idea but for one reason or another you do not have enough funding for your venture….  One way to get your business underway is venture capital! But how do you raise enough to get started…. Well, today we are looking at four tips to attract the venture capital your.. read more →

Ever wondered how to get an edge over your competitors? Many experts view leadership as the difference between good and great. Sticking to one rigid style of leadership does not suit today’s fast paced environment. Leaders need to be more adaptable to a variety of situations that arise. But when do you change your leadership.. read more →

21 Jun 2013
June 21, 2013

8 Tips To Boost Your Landing Page


First impressions are everything!  So today we are looking at ways to grab customers’ attention and boost conversion rates with SIMPLE, yet effective remedies to your landing page. One. Add logo recognition Adding logos of recognised companies provides legitimacy to your website. Two. Implement user reviews By simply implementing reviews, customers are given some level of.. read more →