14 Jun 2013
June 14, 2013

The Basics of SEO


Today we are looking at tips for better Search Engine visibility. Revealing some of the most overlooked on-page optimisation tactics that can potentially improve user experience and visibility. These basic changes can ultimately make a huge difference to long-term search engine traffic. Keywords As Business Insider Australia has suggested, the over use of keywords can.. read more →

A new report shows Australian VC punching above its weight A report released today by the Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (AVCAL) shows that the Australian venture capital (VC) is pivotal to innovation in Australia, and VC-backed firms spend much more on research and development than their industry peers. The report highlights research.. read more →

This afternoon I’ve immersed myself in the subject of business pivots thanks to Quora. Paypal and Google realised success as a result of pivoting the business in their early stages while originally Flickr started as a multi-player online game called Neverending.  After an engineer built a photo sharing component for the game’s chat rooms the original concept was.. read more →

Let’s talk startup marketing. Today we’re revealing few effective ways to kick-start your marketing if you are lacking the budget. It seems these days everyone is repeating the same general concept, that “content is key”. While that may be true it won’t do much good if the content isn’t being aggregated beyond your current circle.. read more →

In this hilarious and short (only 5 minutes) video, Dave McClure (founding partner of 500 Startups) presents his signature “AARRR” concept on startup metrics. This is hands-down one of the wittiest yet informative vids I have seen to date on marketing metrics and was voted no. 1 to watch on Quora. Nothing gets me more.. read more →