21 Jun 2013
June 21, 2013

8 Tips To Boost Your Landing Page


First impressions are everything!  So today we are looking at ways to grab customers’ attention and boost conversion rates with SIMPLEyet effective remedies to your landing page.

One. Add logo recognition

Adding logos of recognised companies provides legitimacy to your website.

Two. Implement user reviews

By simply implementing reviews, customers are given some level of buying confidence. Confidence can lead to conversions!

Three. Increase motivation

Social validation can be used to motivate customers through tools, such as “Facepile” and Press Bars. The motivation behind these tools is the associated social pressure and promotion by mainstream media which can increase the chance of conversions.

Four. Create a mobile responsive website

With mobile usage increasing so it is more important than ever to create a mobile responsive page for customers. Don’t wait to create a mobile-responsive website!

Five. Remove everything

Creating landing pages with limited text can create a stronger message than long drawn out descriptions of your product or service.

Six. Use BIG images and videos 


Customers are unlikely to read large amounts of text when scanning your website – replace these areas with pictures and videos to create an interactive and appealing page.

Seven. Add some voice over talent


These remedies can make all the differences in boosting your conversion rates!


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