Beacon New Ventures is a new kind of private equity partner.

We’re a new breed of investors willing to invest both our expertise and money in start-ups that we believe in. With experience across traditional media, social media and start-ups we’re able to provide the marketing savvy that technical companies often lack. We’re looking to invest in companies that:

1) Have proven their viability.

You can be early stage, but don’t bring us portfolios of wireframes and ideas you haven’t tested. Coming up with an idea is one thing, convincing us that it’s viable is another. If you’ve never heard of a minimum viable product – look it up – we want early stage, proven ideas.

Ask yourself: Have I proven there’s a desire for my core product?

2) Have mature founders.

We’re not talking about age here (who are we to judge?), but we want to work with people who have the business acumen to make hard decisions, show leadership when the chips are down, be prepared to learn from their mistakes and the courage to iterate if things aren’t going to plan.

Ask yourself: Have I got the ability to stare death in the face make decisions I can be proud of whether I succeed or fail?

3) Have scalability

Your start-up needs to be scalable. So you get everyone’s attention and they want what you are offering, but do you have the ability to give it to them?

Ask yourself: Do we have a growth plan?

4) Have the right chemistry

We like to take time to get to know the people behind the companies we invest in – there needs to be the right fit. We’ll be working closely together so it’s worth knowing we have a similar outlook and attitude to the way we do things. Are you willing to let other people have a say in your company in an area that is there expertise?

Ask yourself: Am I willing to work as a partnership?

Finally, if you think you fit the bill, feel free to contact John at