Ever wanted to know how make the most of your startup’s marketing budget? Today we are looking at ways to create big ideas that reach and engage customers without blowing your startup’s budget.

One. Use Your Customer Base

Having a small budget does not mean you need to scale down your marketing. Using your customer base as a marketing tool is a fantastic way to reach and engage your audience. Some ideas that won’t break the bank include welcome, holiday greetings and birthday emails. Check out MailChimp – a free email marketing tool that will help your startup manage it’s customer base. You can also use this to segment your customer base and deliver targeted emails, and track the results!

Two. Go Online

Start finding out more about your customers, competitors or anything that will help you grow. Social media like Twitter, Facebook and Linked are perfect places to start connecting and learning about your stakeholders.


Three. Start Networking

Networking will help get your name out there! Use conferences, meets up and networking events to throw around ideas with like-minded people and connect with people in your industry. Creating a network always comes in handy when you need some advice, looking for talented employees or to ask a small favour.

Four. Get to Know Your Customers

Test out Survey Monkey and share it with your customers. This is the perfect way to gather valuable information from your customers for FREE….

Five. Get Familiar with Web Tools

Start tracking your data with tools like Qualaroo, Effective Measure, Google Analytics and Google WebMaster. These are cost effective ways to improve the way you market your business. Analyse these results and find out where your small marketing budget is best spent in the future.

Six. Voice Your Opinion

Voicing your opinion helps get your name out into the industry, and it can be cost free. You do not need to have a PR or large marketing budget to reach out to the media. If you have something worth saying, start creating ways for that opinion to be heard! Offer your opinions to journalists and bloggers.

Seven. Utilise Customer Feedback

Use your customers’ reviews and testimonials to convince potential buyers that your product or service is worth buying!