Marketing Lab

Are you market ready?

When we started looking around for start-ups to invest in we came across a common problem: while many had the technology and vision for their start-up, they had little experience or creativity when it came to the marketing and messaging of their products. In fact, it was so dismal, we had to help pick apart some companies that had already spent thousands of dollars on an approach that was never going to work. That’s where our Marketing Lab comes in.

Applying lean and agile methodologies to marketing (ie. we don’t spend your money carelessly), with many years experience in the industry, we give start-ups the best possible chance of succeeding. While many start-ups would never think to send a half-baked product to market, they are quite happy to do that with their branding and promotion. Your brand, its image and communication strategy are as important as the tech in making your start-up succeed. We’re here to provide you with the expertise that you likely missing, so that you can be confident your start-up is getting the best chance of success.

Some services we provide

  1. Market Research
  2. Viability testing
  3. Branding and messaging – (including testing)
  4. Social media and marketing strategies
  5. Traditional advertising opportunities

Business Model

No one approach fits all, so it’s best to make an appointment with us and come in for an initial discussion to see how we can help. We don’t charge commercial rates for the expertise we provide – we are aware you are operating on start-up budgets. As a general guide you are looking at between $7,500 and $15,000 for a month’s work depending on what needs to be done. We believe that’s money well spent.


As the Marketing Lab is part of Beacon New Ventures , we may also land up investing in the companies that we work with. There is no guarantee that we will invest in start-ups that go through the lab, but the opportunity of working together certainly provides a good chance to see if there is that fit. Our investment also has its own selection criteria.

What our clients say

AirspacedFor the past few months, I have had the privilege of working with Beacon New Ventures and have had first-hand exposure to its‘Marketing Lab’. The team holds a wealth of experience across several industries. Their measured strategic advice, ‘out of the box’ thinking, broad skillset and vast network have proved invaluable to my venture, enabling it to be taken to an entirely different level in a relatively short period of time. Since our initial meeting, a genuine interest has been taken in working ‘with’ my business, as opposed to working ‘on’ it. I highly recommend Beacon New Ventures.

Simon Hanlon, Founder,

Are you up for the Challenge?

So, you think you might be ready for a marketing lab...? It's not an easy process, everything is on the table and no stone gets left unturned. If you think your new venture is ready for a good heard look in the start up marketing mirror, then fill in the form below and we'll be back to you.