26 Sep 2013
September 26, 2013

The Latest Marketing Trends for 2013


From Quora - “What are the latest trends in marketing for 2013″

In 2011, J.C. Penney famously gamed Google’s algorithm by allegedly buying links, resulting in #1 rankings for countless search terms: Search Optimization and Its Dirty Little Secrets. Since then we’ve seen Pandas and Penguins and a whole host of other algorithm updates and animals as Google has tried to shepherd the Content Farms.

In 2012, a Fish named Rand swam to prominence and the marketing spotlight. With a few friends, he spread a great message: earn attention, don’t buy it. They created a new ecosystem for marketers: Inbound Marketing Community – Hacker News for Marketers

SEO & content marketing have changed.  A few years ago the focus was:

  • Write content optimized for search engines, not humans
  • Buy links from other sites, so you can rank better
  • Dabble on the dark side, wearing a black hat

Now, the focus is:

  • Write great content that’s valuable for humans but still smartly targeted for search engines
  • Build relationships with other companies, sites, people, and the links will come
  • Expand your view on search engines: YouTube, Google Play, Apple’s app store are all search engines where people are searching for engagement and education; create videos and mobile apps.
  • Use all the engaging content from above to create a community and following; they’ll amplify your message through social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). They are your word of mouth factor.
  • Become a thought leader in your industry, so that others look to you for advice

In addition to all the earned media/attention…

  • Use retargeting solutions such as ReTargeter or AdRoll to convert your readers, followers, etc. into paying customers.
  • Understand visitor behavior using analytics solutions like Google Analytics,KISSmetricsMixpanel, etc. to determine how to improve your content, product, and messaging
  • Use highly targeted email campaigns with the help of companies such asIntercomMailChimp, etc. to follow up with customers based on their behavior with your site or product.

Paid search & traditional advertising still have their place and can still be very effective, but they will get continue to get crowded and are not new trends.

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