1. Melbourne & Singapore Offices

    John Neal


    John was inspired to found Beacon New Ventures after attending an Executive Education programme at Harvard Business School in 2012, when it dawned on him that most start-ups failed to spend enough time on their go to market strategies.

    John’s career spans over 35 years and has seen him at the helm of multiple innovative projects and highly successful global agencies.  His portfolio of ventures extend across the Asia-Pacific network and his notable ability lies in taking an idea to market and generating rapid growth and sustainable returns. In 2001 he founded media agency Carat in Melbourne, Australia in a joint venture with UK based Aegis Plc. The business quickly grew to $150 million capitalised billings and was bought by Aegis 100% in 2005. During his time at Carat it was awarded Agency of the Year over 3 successive years.

    John has held senior media roles and served on the board of global media agency groups including WPP and Omnicom. He is also currently a director of a growth consultancy business M&T Capital. His unique business acumen is anchored by a strong belief in nurturing his investments and taking a collaborative approach to strategy and innovation. This belief translates in to Beacon New Ventures and its go to market orientation and the team of specialists it involves in its investment companies.

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    Tim Stanford


    Tim Stanford’s forte is driving commercial operations, he is outcome focussed with an extensive career spanning across marketing, sales, recruitment and corporate finance.

    He spent 17 years internationally with Cadbury Schweppes across Europe, Asia and most recently in Australia, taking over as Marketing Director – Cadbury Schweppes ANZ in 1999. During his time in the role, Tim achieved sales growth of $200 million (up to a total of $1.3 billion) and managed one of the largest marketing budgets in Australia and New Zealand. He is a shareholder of a premium snack food business and serves on the board for Plexus Medical Recruitment.

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  2. Melbourne Office

    Alex Antony

    Business Analyst

    An Actuarial Science graduate from the University of Melbourne, Alex applies Mathematical and Statistical methods to assess Risk and Return, thereby enabling Predictive Analytics through the use of deterministic models.
    Alex has been a very successful direct sales consultant and placed 2nd in the All Australia Investment Competition in 2009, highlighting his abilities in analysing share price trends.
    His diverse skill set and hands on approach to analytical modelling make Alex the ‘math engine’ behind the analytical component of the M&T Capital Growth Model.

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    Xi Xi Wang

    Marketing Executive

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  3. Singapore Office

    Bonnie Rogers

    Marketing Project Manager

    Bonnie comes from a design background and began her career within the design and architectural field, where she developed a passion for marketing and branding. She has run her own design company in London where she worked on both the design and marketing of three large hotels, one luxury apartment block and a media office development.

    She has recently been involved in the business development, online marketing and branding of a start up company where she single handedly established the brand within the Singapore market and increased sales by 1000% in the first month.

    Bonnie brings with her a passion for establishing start up businesses through developing and implementing creative marketing and branding strategies.

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    Melissa Yeo