14 Jun 2013
June 14, 2013

The Basics of SEO


Today we are looking at tips for better Search Engine visibility. Revealing some of the most overlooked on-page optimisation tactics that can potentially improve user experience and visibility. These basic changes can ultimately make a huge difference to long-term search engine traffic.


As Business Insider Australia has suggested, the over use of keywords can actually reduce visibility… Keywords should be rich and precise  throughout site content, URLs and image names, but more importantly in the title tag and page header. Excessive amounts of keywords have the ability to be ignored by search engineers. So by using every possible keyword you can think of, individual keywords do not stand out to search engines, and therefore limit discoverability as a good match. The key takeaway from this is to be very strategic in the use and placement of the keywords.

Site Speed

As the infographic highlights creating a positive user experience directly relates to page loading speed. In today’s business environment users do not want to wait for slow pages to load, when they can get similar content elsewhere. It is therefore a great idea to increase the speed to site, coupled with regularly updated and unique content to provide users with a exceptional site experience to draw them back again in future.

Slash Bounce Rates

One of the key tips mentioned is to create a clean site for users. Inbound Marketing Agents have suggested the following ways to provide users with a clear and user friendly experience to increase Search Engine visibility by decreasing bounce rates.

Remove Immediate
Pop-Ups - an obvious one, immediate pop-ups scare users away….
Increase Contrast – this has been proven to the most effective methods to reduce bounce rates. By simply increasing the contrast between text and background this tip will help significantly increase the user experience. Avoiding ConfusionFirst impressions last.. It is therefore vital to create an easy to navigate site that provides a clear picture of your product or service. Users should not have to hunt around to find what they are looking for. The simpler, the better.
Limit Distractions –  As MunchWeb has suggested 4 seconds is magic number to create repeat users to your site. it is therefore important to limit complex designs and pop-ups. Not only does this limit distraction, but it also helps with speed to site. Its a win-win.
Clear Purpose – Last, but most importantly, your site needs to communicate the superior value you can provide over rivals. Providing an extremely clear picture to users of what you do and how you do it will help increase user experience by limiting the hassle of having to navigate through a complex site.


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