Let’s talk startup marketing. Today we’re revealing few effective ways to kick-start your marketing if you are lacking the budget. It seems these days everyone is repeating the same general concept, that “content is key”. While that may be true it won’t do much good if the content isn’t being aggregated beyond your current circle of influence.

Even though every company and startup spend their time creating content – videos, blogs, social networks, it’s really all about investing in some good old fashioned networking. Here’s some tips:


Find out whos already socially influential on related topics, try tools like Kred or Klout to see who’s influential on social networks.


Find out which of them has an engaged audience that responds when they speak.

Step Three, REACH OUT.

Share their relevant social content, participate on their blogs etc. and get their attention. Let the big players know who you are and give them something worth sharing and talk to them about it.  If you let them spread the word its more cost-effective than trying to promote your own content to a large audience who are (most likely) less engaged.

Some last notes, BE SPECIFIC.

Try targeting industry specific or niche sites or post an unofficial press release in LinkedIn Groups.

In some instances using Kickstarter or IndieGoGo might be a good option as you can raise capital, and with a good campaign these sites actually work well for startups.


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