This week we are talking startup hacks – quick easy fixes to boost your audience/traffic to your site after  reading a great article by Shoe String Media this week. Up until now, noteable people have mentioned the power of Wikipedia to grow your site’s audience yet there is little on the net about the how the mechanics of this marketing approach actually works. The power lies behind contributing to Wikipedia to topics that are relevant to your site and then referencing your site (or it’s blog posts) in the “References” or “Futher References” section. Anybody now coming to that Wikipedia page can find you, and you’ll rank highest on google because the truth is Wikipedia will ALWAYS out rank Ezine Articles, Youtube, and all of the other big name sites marketers like to use, driving some serious traffic!

For a more detailed explanation check out this step-by-step approach below:

Lets assume that my product is a guide teaching people how to save money buying used cars.

Step 1.

Search Wikipedia for your topic.

Find articles on Wikipedia that are related to your niche.For example if your product was a guide to teaching people how to save money buying used cars you will need to think about what your target market is searching. They will probably be searching for specifications on older vehicles.

Therefore a smart idea would be to contribute to an article about a popular model of used car, the Nissan 240SX.

Step 2.

Write an article about the subject of the Wikipedia article and post that to your website

For this example write a short article about the Nissan 240SX. You can use the actual content on Wikipedia as a guide to writing your own article. Don’t copy and paste though, it will ruin this method.

Step 3

Edit the Wikipedia article’s external links by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on EDIT

Step 4

Edit the external links

Make sure you link to the article/blog post that is on your site so you will not be flagged. 

Don’t do this: Delete everyone else’s links and add yours at the bottom, that is a recipe for failure and your link will be removed.

Step 5

Make sure your referenced blog article clearly mentions your product

Step 6

Rinse and repeat for as many other keywords that are related to your niche as possible


Note: if you are wondering whether this works in high competition niches the answer is YES.  If you’re trying to contribute to a really popular wikipedia article chances are your links might be removed by other jealouse business owners or Wiki mods. But there is no harm in trying. Like in everything else in internet marketing go after the “low hanging fruit.” You want to find articles that are highly relevant to what it is you’re selling, yet go under the radar of mainstream business owners and the “big players”.

Think about it for a second. If someone wants to learn more about a certain car model. Where will he go to find it? Google! What will be #1 or in the top 10 on Google?

Wikipedia! What will be on the Wikipedia article?

Your link!

This works because Google LOVES Wikipedia, the site recieves so much traffic and people do read these articles and click on the external links which bring them to your site  so they are exposed to your offers and hopefully convert. If you devote just two hours per day to doing this, after a month you’d be receiving thousands of unique visitors per day to your websites!

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