The co-founder of took a moment to analyse the effectiveness of the numerous web publications that have featured the startup company since 2011 and discovered that content marketing performed significantly better than search at gaining new customers, and it’s cost effective as well.

The startup analysed various articles and guests posts in tech publications: TechCrunch, VentureBeat and GigaOm relating to and compared their web traffic sources on ability to convert visitors to business registrations.

What did they want to achieve? To understand the impact that content and search can have — not just on traffic, but on a much more important metric: conversions.

The result? Guest posts performed better than search in conversion rates due to their extremely targeted nature and the perception of higher quality content from readers.

Perhaps startups should start considering alternative methods of achieving salience in their market. Instead of just lobbing a press release out there email bloggers directly and ask to contribute, but ensure the content is useful., a marketplace for businesses to hire freelance writers. has a pool of 80,000 freelance writers, and ranks as one of the top five largest writer communities on the Internet. currently provides hundreds of businesses with thousands of blog posts, tweets, press releases and articles each month.

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