So you have a fantastic business idea but for one reason or another you do not have enough funding for your venture….  One way to get your business underway is venture capital! But how do you raise enough to get started…. Well, today we are looking at four tips to attract the venture capital your start up needs.

ONE. A Fresh Idea

Venture capitalists are looking for innovation and the next BIG thing to hit the market. Give them an idea that is unique and cannot be easily imitated to justify why they should take on the risk of investing with YOU!


TWO. Create an Attention-Grabbing Value Proposition

Start by looking at how your business out shines your competitors. Venture capitalists want to see that there is a gap in the marketplace that you are able to satisfy . More importantly, how big is that market…. VCs want to know what the market opportunity is and how they can capitalise on it.

THREE. Demonstrate Market Traction

The best way to do this is through ‘pilot’ customers, an even more compelling way is to show how you turned your pilot customers into paying ones!

FOUR. Create a Cohesive Team

Show that your team has the skills and expertise to work effectively! Demonstrating past successes as a team is a great way of showing venture capitalists you have a collaborative team.

If you think you have a brilliant start up and are in the stage of looking for venture capital. We would love to hear from you!

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