As we settle back into work after the holidays, Beacon New Ventures takes a moment to look at some helpful apps to keep your New Year’s resolutions. Often it’s hard to keep track of everything once the new year arrives and we’ve chosen the best apps to help with productivity and keeping you and your staff motivated.


First off, we look at Asana, one of the greatest task management open source web apps available.  Designed to help teams collaborate  and communicate, Asana promotes productivity by allowing teams and individuals to stay connected to things they are working on. It is accessed on the web rather than a specific native platform like Mac OS X or Windows (think Google Apps) and fans of the app include staff at airbnb, Foursquare, Quora and Dropbox. Another winning trait is it’s price point, (free for teams of under 30 users). So whether you’re embarking on a complex project or organising staff rosters for the fortnight, Asana can be adapted to suit your needs.


Our next app is saves times and effort when scheduling those important social media updates and uses an algorithm to decide what time is best to schedule the updates. It’s called Buffer and it makes sure your followers aren’t overwhelmed with info in the process.

Bliss Control

Need to make changes to your social network profiles? Bliss Control has you covered, easily make changes to any profile anywhere at anytime from account deletion to changing your profile picture. Bliss Control helps you manage your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and more. It will save you time and headaches this year with just a few clicks.


Nearly everyone is familiar with the cloud storage app that is Dropbox. Easily share and store files (large or small) across all your devices (Mac, Mob, iPad, Windows), this app will solve your file access problems in 2013, so say goodbye to annoying email attachments and join the cloud storage revolution.


More on task management/project management, Trello is a free service that displays your ideas, to-do lists and action plans on a neat canvas using cards. An stream-lined and more simple alternative to Asana, Trello is great for holding brainstorming sessions with off-site team members.


Last but not least is our favourite app Evernote. One of the first apps we suggest downloading when your loading your new device with software or embarking on a productivity overhaul for your PC, Evernote is a basic (yet incredibly powerful) note taking app with in-built sharing features (social, email) and time scheduling abilities. Whether you’re researching, planning your next trip or bookmarking websites Evernote will store everything and continually sync data to your active devices. This one is a must-have for 2013.