Move over Apple, it seems like China are still opting for the budget smartphone over the chic iPhone. Techinasia have revealed the “CoolPad” device from a Shenzhen-based company is now the 3rd highest selling smartphone after Samsung and Lenovo. The CooPad8060 phone is relatively low-spec and runs on Android 2.3 and sells for as low as $80.  Figures from Gartner show that the CoolPad’s Android-based phones are charging ahead of the pack and domestic- phone makers now account for  nearly 60% of sales in China.

  • 1st - Samsung
  • 2nd - Lenovo
  • 3rd - CoolPad
  • 4th - ZTE
  • 5th - Huawei
  • 6th - Apple

With smartphone sales expected to reach 300 million in China by 2013, Apple can no longer ignore the entry level market. The low income class in China simply cannot afford to pay one, two or three months of salary for an Apple iPhone and hence we are seeing a growth in demand for budget smartphones from domestic makers.

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